​1 Jan 2017. Te Araroa 92

Boyle Village 2060km   to Hope Half Way Shelter 2079km   (19km)
Rain last night and  this morning, wake up early this morning  to find my maps wet and a couple of my clothes  items as well. The drop box I picked up yesterday  that contains food for the next 7 days was pushed up against  the wall of the tent. Because of this, water  then made its way into the tent and making everything  wet, even my sleeping  bag got wet.


Tony came from  Christchurch  to pick up what I don’t need from the drop box.  We drove into Hanmer Springs for a couple of reasons with the main one was to send my messages out to Eunhwa  as it’s been  about a week since I have last contact from her and to see if she is ok with the lose of the baby.
It was great having some time with my little brother, even though it was a couple of hours it made my day.

While there, with the weather warm and sunny unlike back in Boyle Village where only 45 minutes ago was raining, we had a late breakfast and coffee. I knew we wouldn’t  be able to hang around for to long but just a couple of hours in this little town refreshed me before hitting the trail again.

Tony dropped me back off at the trail but not before I finally managed to speak with Eunhwa, I tried calling her when I had access to WiFi  but no answer. Just as we were driving out of town I received a call, as I had my data switched  on with my phone. It was nice to finally talk to her.
I meet a hiker  on the track and he recommended  that once I reach the Hope Half Way Shelter that I continue  on another 2 hours and go to the next hut, condition of the hut was far better he said.



Hope Half Way Shelter

I arrive at the first hut but my energy  levels wasn’t  there to push on to the better hut, so I stayed, being the only person here for the night and I found  it quite  comfortable except  for the sandflies buzzing  about.  During the night there was some activities outside, at first I thought it was a late arrival , a hiker, but soon realised  it was probably  a Possum which stopped  once I banged on the wall a couple of times.

Just before arriving at the hut there was a stream where I could get fresh  water but looking around I could see cow poo every where, so I went down to the main river which was a little further away.

This was left overs from the new years eve dinner, I said goodbye  to the four ladies I had dinner last  night with and they insisted  that I take the left overs of vegetables.  A change from dehydrated  food while on the trail .