CRF250Rally getting ready for Asian Tour

Couple of more days and we are on the road touring Thailand, Cambodia and Loas by motorbike. Today I got my 1,000km service done on my  CRF250 Rally by “MX_moto” here in Chiang Mai.  Last month I had the suspension and motor modified, The engine made a horrible  knocking noise at the time, I returned straight away and was told that it’s normal.   I had also lost the function of the Rev Counter.  So as you can imagine, I wasn’t happy after spending 23,000baht

Motor falling apart

The noise coming from the engine was really bad, it was especially prominent when climbing hills and I had to pull back from the accelerator to make it a more comfortable ride.   

I pointed this out to the mechanics and when I left them to it, I could see them taking the fairings and tank off, that was a good sign I thought.

Today I returned, avoiding the heavy rain yesterday and was greeted with good news,  No more knocking from the engine and the rev counter now works, apparently the ECU needed replacing, he said something about it running to hot.  I took it for a quick spin and was happy and I’m sure there is more power now.  I wasn’t sure about how much he was going to charge me as I know he must have spent about four hours on the bike. Cost was 780baht (23usd) for the service. synthetic oil, oil filter and a total check over, air filter not needed to change.

registration missing

Police report

As I was about to leave, I noticed that I was missing the registration sticker, it’s usually in the tube attached to the bike which obviously fell off.  Now with all the police blocks about, I know it would be a 400 baht fine if caught without one, 

My Mate Gary, who I sold my CRF250m to, told me that a police report was required before obtaining a replacement.  Lucky for me I found a nice quiet police station where the police officer was watching a boxing match on his phone, Thai vs French.  With passport and ownership papers in hand, it only took half an hour to get the paperwork, cost 20baht.

Getting the sticker was also an easy process, only thing was that I still had 2 months on my registration and I was pointed to pay for a renewal, Insurance and registration.  Was I going to get 12 months or 14 as I already had paid for that.  Difficult to ask and its best to just go with the flow and as it turned out, I got 14 months which saves me a return visit in two months time.  Cost of government insurance and registration for my CRF250  756Baht


Two more days and I’ll be heading towards Udon Thani to catch up with George