CDT Equipment List and Cost

What I'm taking

My Pack list for the CDT

Hopefully I will achieve a Pack weight of about 7-8kg my last Pack-weight for the Te Araroa was 12.5kg (Pack-weight is everything except water and food)

I arrive into LA on the 22ed of April where I will head straight to the REI shop and pick up my already paid for backpack and purchase more equipment. I will update my gear list 

If I have forgotten to do the follow up list, leave a comment and remind me and if you find the information useful please let me know


My Cost of walking the CDT

If you are interested, I have recorded all my cost along the way, from purcasing equipment at REI to food and accommodation along the CDT

Accommodation was the biggest expense initially at an average price of 70 dollars per night when I was in town, which was every 5-7 days. After completing New Mexico and half of Colorado, I made the decision to avoid hotels and use my tent as much as posable and do my timing of resupply in towns so that I had no need for accommodation, an example of this is timing my town visits so I arrive there in the mornings, spend the day shopping, shower and cleaning clothes and then hike out of there before sunset.
With the savings of accommodation, I spent more money of better quality food and minimize the use of posting food packagers ahead and instead, go off trail and head into down for a hot meal and resupply.



Accommodation $801.71
Equipment           $2,208.49*
Gift                         $25.6
Groceries              $1,058.21
Off Trail Food      $1,053.05
Postage                  $257.16
Transportation    $250.9
Laundromat         $10.75
Total: $5,665.87
*127 days on the trail: cost per day: $27.20USD
*(Equipment excluded)

Equipment List for the CDT

Rain Jacket Huski size L, should be good in extream weather

I purchased this ten years ago and have never used it,

I have removed the innerliner with the intention of using the iceBreaker sweather should I need for extra warmth

Change of mind, This jacket was to bulky and heavey, it just took to much space up in my backpack so i posted it back home

Rain pants, North Face Rain pants, used in the Te Araroa trail.

They worked well in New zealand, could get better but it comes down to cost.

Hoody Down Jacket, Ghost Whisper (good investment and very happy with the purchase)

This will be handy for other trips planned such as napal and NZ again
Cost is $350 USD at REI

Tops 2x IceBreaker tops, one with a hood (bodyfit200) (one for walking, other for sleeping

Very happy with this product, as I have used these in New Zealand

Update: I ware the hooded top to the end of the tail, untill it fell apart. 

However, to reduce my weight, I posted the other top back home while I was in Coloradio.

Long Underwear IceBreaker Merino (bed clothes)

I don’t use these for walking but a must for sleeping outdoors.

Update: I posted these back home to reduce  my packweight once I passed the cold areas of the trail

Hiking and Town Shorts Macpac, Crossterrain

I don’t wear shorts while walking, but were handy for swimming, and change of clothes when its wash day in town

Long Pants purchased in South Korea, used on the Te araroa trail

I ware these every day for four months in New Zealand and then for another 4 months while on the CDT, while on the trail, very happy with them

T-shirt: Hiking and Town T-shirt, IceBreaker.

something light for a change while in town doing washing

Update: I posted these back home to reduce  my packweight

Gloves (Cold weather) New Zealand Fingerless Possum Gloves

good protection for your hands from vegitation and cold temperatures.

Loved them, but lost them halfway through the trail

Gloves (Sun) Sun Protection

On those sunny day to avoild getting sunburnt and protection for vegitation

Used them every day

Briefs Icebreaker Briefs Underwear, 1 pair in pack, wear 1 pair

Sweater IceBreaker, heavy in weight to carry, but will keep me warm.

(Option, purchase Ghost Whisper and leave Sweater behind, yet to decide)

Update: I purchased the Ghost whisper and decided to take the sweater, very happy with my decession, when I wasn’t wearing the jumper I wrapped it around my waist for extra padding as i had lost a lot of weight and my back bones were rubbing with the backpack

Beanie IceBreaker hat (Cold weather)

used during the cold nights and extra cold days


Sun Hat OR Wide brim hat, used on the Te araroa Trail.

Used every day, but them I damaged it by puting it in a hot dryer at the laundromat and the plastic supports shrink

Waterproof Gloves

I purchased a pair and once or twice they were very handy, but I dumped them when the weather got better

Green Kiwi Buff Buff Green Kiwi (Sun protection)

Very happy and wouldn’t go hiking under the sun and snow without it


Water Storage Platypus Water Storage 2L Water Storage.

Ive decided not to go for a H2O Bladder for the backpack, in New zealand it was a problem filling it up when the backpack was fillof feed. it was a tight fit.

I purchased two of these items for the trail, one lecked and I ended up dumping both of them, I used a plastic 1.5lit water bottle instead.

Ultralight Stove Soto Outdoors Ultralight Stove, used on the Te Araroa, V.Happy

Used this and was very happy, but under halfway I decided to dump it to reduce weight (gas canaster and cooking equipment soon ads weight)

I went cold food and enjoyed hot food when i arrived into town to resupply

Water Filter REI,

I’m new at using these filters but have seen many walkers use them.

Purchase one and used it for the entire trip, very happy

Water Purification Tablets: REI Water Purification Tablets 30.

good for a backup but didn’t use them much

Cup Tin cup or Fold-a-cup

I have a tin cup I’m taking but its cheap and I can throw it away for a better option when i arrive in L.A

I took the tin cup but diched it when I got rid of the gas cooker 

Shaker Bottle Gatorade used to mix cold drinks.

was handy for making cold drinks

Cook Pot w/sack Evernew Cook Pot w/sack Ti cook ware

Item I posted home halfway through the hike along with the gas cooker

Fork and spoon set

Got rid of the fork as I could do everything with the spoon and the risk of having a sharp item in the backback that could course damage wasn’t worth it.

Knife, Sharp kitchen knife with homemade sleave

Cutting cheese, other than that I didn’t use it, cheese was terrible in America. But I carried it the whole way just in case I needed  it.

Food Bag Sea to Summit Food Bag

2,8 and 13let Storage and smell proof to not attract bears to my food

good investment to keep my gear sortered 


Hiking Socks Wool Hiking Socks. 2 pairs

Given to me by my Korean Girlfriend

Great socks, but had to purchase new pair along the way, walking 10-13 hours per day takes it toll

Camp shoes Crocs style, Camp shoes

These i purchased in Thailand for 80 baht (2.30 USD)

Had the same ones in New Zealand and did many river crossings with them and they held up very good.

I used these many time with river crossings where I just didn’t want to get wet boots first thing in the morning especially when it was the only river crossing for the day. With only a month to the end of my hike, I dumped the shoes to only latter regreat that

Gaitors Knee height Gaitors, snake protection.

Great for walking in the snow and muddy areas, as allso was good to keep the ticks away

Trail Runners Salomon Trail Runners Salomon XA Pro 3D

In new Zealand I used leather walking boots, although I was happy with them, they were heavey when wet and stay wet for a long time. A study I have heard about from the Army was a 100grames on the feet was like 300grams in the backpack.

In total i used three pairs of Salomans, averaging 1,000 miles each with innersoles (Dr Scholl’s)

Dr Schells inserts Feet protection,

The problem I had from my last long walk was that i had very sore feet for just over a month after , this time with differant shoses and inserts, I hope this will solve this

happy with these soles, used two pairs along the 3,000 mile hike

Ice Axe Black Diamond

Crampons Black Diamond Contact Strap Crampons with ABS Plates.

Used them untill I lost one. very happy with them


Tooth Paste

Tooth Brush
Dental Floss Dental Floss
wet wipes to self cleaning each evening, especally my feet


First Aid Kit Home made

Suppliments, vitamins and glucosamine:
lessons learnt from the Te Araroa walk, I’ll be taking suppliments along the way to support my poor camp food diet and look after my joints


Samsung S7 edge Phone

Great phone and had no problems with it.

I had the same phone for new Zealand, I had problems after the NZ hike and got the screen, battery and other components replaced under the warranty as I purchased it in Thailand. 

I must admit, while in NZ, the phone was pushed beyond its limits with operation it in rain, cold weather and rough conditions.




Power Pack to recharge phone, Anker Power Pack
In New zealand I took a 20,000 mAmp which gave me about three -four chargers to my S7 Samsung Phone. Unfortunity it was taken from me at the Airport when travelling back to Thailand,  So I’ll purchase a good quility one once I arrive in L.A

This charged my Sangsung S7 4-5 times and I had never run out of battery life.

However, it was heavey and in hind sight, I would have been better to get a smaller pack, about half the size. 




Sunglasses Oakley Sunglasses

A gift given to my by my girlfriends sister in South Korean,

Trek Poles Leki Trek Poles

I was happy with these but they did fail on me towards the end of the hike, Got a 100% refund and promply repurchsed the same ones at a 25% discound Thank you REI

Headlamp Black Diamond Headlamp w/ 2 Spare Batteries


Packpack Osprey, Exos 58, BASALT BLACK, M, Unisex

Very happy with this backpack, at the completion on the hike, the strap broke and I got the pack replaced, in fact I got a 100% refund at REI shop and repurchased another one while it was a 25% discount. I re-purchased not the 58 but the 48 size. Future hikes I want to carry less

Pack Cover Osprey Rain cover


Mat,  Thermarest Neo Air w/sack – large Sleep Pad


very happy with the air mattress, I used a foam mattress in New zealand and an upgrade was much more confortable at nights

Sleeping Bag:REI Co-op Magma 10 Sleeping Bag


Very happy with the bag and generally keeped me warm during the cold nights. 

On extream cold nights, I dressed up more

Tent Tarptent Tent Single Wall (Rainbow)




TENT ground sheet: foot print Outfitter