11th Nov . Te Araroa 41
Made it to Te Kuiti camp site with a surprise  that the camp site supports TA hikers with a 50% discount on a tent site. 8 dollars  each.

We went shopping and then spent some time with the wifi to get everything updated. Asked the camp manager, that obviously  didn’t  look after himself with dirty clothes , unshaven, poor dress standards and probably  smelled if I got closer. hold it, I just had a thought as that sounds like me after tramping for five days without a shower.

Evening  dinner of beef steak 

Later that evening  I notice that the kitchen gets closed each evening and we needed to have it opened first thing in the morning .  

There was an after hours sigh where he lived in his caravan so at 7:30 in the evening I knocked  at his door and all I could hear was and grumpy  old man expressing to himself how someone would disturb  him so late. Open between  5-6 in the morning, depending  how I feel he said.