12 Nov: Te Araroa 42

Te Kuiti Camp site 911km to Bog Inn hut 985km (Got a lift 914 to 965kms)
Pureore Forest Park

Rain, heavy rain for today. Started at Te Kuiti after viewing the statue of the New Zealander Sheep shearer on the edge of town. Te Kuiti they say is the capital of sheep shearers and has claimed the top spot world wide as number one shearers.

We headed out of town for about two kms and as we approached our turn off point for our track, a car pulled over and offered us a lift. Looking at the weather and the track we were about to walk, we accepted and with the one lift, it got us back on track and we could continue along the track without any pressure of having to do extra kms per day to finish the total length of NZ on time.

We started on our track after having a quick mid breakfast break in the drizzle. The Timber track was like a national highway for hikers that had tree coverage and smooth walking track that is also used for a cycle track.

Things you find along the Timber  track, Caterpillar 2 Ton Crawler Tractor. US manufactured in mid 1920s

We wanted to go forever on this track and was soon disappointed when we reached our turn off where we depart from the Timber cycling track and exchange it for boggy, muddy and very wet track. It was getting late and with not many places to pitch a tent, our goal was to head for the DOC hut.
It took ages to get there, sign said it was 10 minutes but in reality it was more like 30 with ankle deep mud along the way which was off trail, which means tomorrow we’ll have to cover the same ground to get to the junction.

Bog Inn hut, wasn’t the best place we have stayed in, but better than out in the rain

The Bog Inn cabin, built back in 1960, was a welcome sight as we approached it late in the afternoon. Our hopes suddenly died as we approach with 6 other Trampers outside cooking their meal for the night with the hut housing only 4 bunks. We approached wet and cold and was soon told that there were two bunks available as the boys were with a school trip and had their tents already setup around the back of the hut.

Timber trail

The rustic old hut was made out of wood that had many holes which looked like they were created my either possums or rats looking for food. Most of the holes were blocked with all sorts from tin to empty cement bags. The fire was next to unless but we feed it wood anyway in