10/11/2016. Te Araroa 40

855km camp on side of road on green grass (exited from Hihikiwi Track)  to 885km camped next to a nice stream. 

Many beehives along the day

Sore some a wild goat on the track today, it was to quick for me to get my camera out to take a shot. meet a cyclist along the way that has his dog following behind, I wasn’t sure on the reactions of the dog so naturally I pointed my walking sticks at to to keep its distance from us, but it soon become clear that it was friendly with it’s tail wagging. Last aggressive dogs were on the 90 Mile beach with two Rottweilers running down the beach while their owners were in the car, thankfully after they cycled us then they keeped running along the beach.

Crossing over the many farm fences

Camped late next to another nice stream at 7:30. clean water and rain during the night.