9/11/2016. Te Araroa 39

The Tahuanui Track

Best walk for a longtime. The Tahuanui Track climbs steadily up a ridge through stands of tawa to the summit ridge where several tracks converge
on the 959m summit of Pirongianice.

The first couple of hours the track  was a pleasure to walk on where it was well maintained but then came the last climb to the top and this  was a challenge. Funny how to gets muddy, ankle deep unavoidable mud, when you get higher in the mountain, where there should be less water about.

Just as we arrived to the top we rested at the  viewing platform where we could see Hamilton from a distance.

The Pahautea Hut was so spacious, and no one about, no power but plenty of clean drinking water and with the new building the hut could accommodate many people with its two  rooms  bunks and mattress. It even has a kitchen and dining area with candles that have recently been used.

Pahautea Hut
So tempting to stay the night but 12 noon with plenty of sun to continue walking we headed off down the track continue westward on the new Noel Sandford boardwalk, following the Hihikiwi Track

To put it simply the track was  terrible, up, down, and lakes of mud that were a challenge to get around.

It must have been the hardest 4 hours walk I’ve done  so far with the only rest was on the wooden track that were made to get over the worst of the mud.

At one point Eunhwa sat, and cried as it was getting to much for her, it was  a constant struggling fighting the forest and mud holes that just let up.

Putting on a brave  smile for the camera after having a little cry as the going was tough . 

Eunhwa climbing down with a rope a steap section of the track

The fog was setting  in, visibly was reduce to 20 meters and it was getting cold once we exited the Hihikiwi track. .

With no where to put our tent, we pushed on for another couple of kms
We carried on along the country road looking for a place to pitch our tent for the night. Visibility  was low due to the fog but we hnew we were walking along a ridge and on either side the ground was to steap to camp. Finally  we found a spot just of the road, it wasn’t  an ideal spot but it was a place we called home for the night to enjoy our cheese, crackers and a hot tea.