8/11/2016. Te Araroa 38
Today was a morning of pain.

Earn start, thank you local farmer in allowing us the use of your green grass.

My toe was screaming out with pain , the antibiotics  obviously have kicked in yet, it felt that my toe was twice it’s size and super sensitive to every step I took.

I tripped, slipped and generally did everything to test my pain tolerance but the funny thing was, come 12 noon, 80% of the pain was gone. Finally the medication was working, the antibiotics and cream i applied every couple of hours was paying off.

Who looks better?

I think Eunhwa looks better in the photo

Now at the campsite  kaniwhaniwha stream campsite (Hikikiwi track ). before getting there we planed to continued and make our way up to the cabin which was 4hours hike up hill.

But Eunhwa decided that the campsite was so nice and at 2 pm we relaxed for the day.

We did the cave visited which was 800 meter walk away and once we get there, we realized cave, you need torches, so we just stood there at the entries  center unable to go down the ladder and walk the 30 meters through the other side, silly me.