22ed Jan Sunday. Te Araroa 113

Macetown 2635km to Arrowtown 2648km (13km)

Slow start this morning as it rained all night under our tin roof, it was cold but it would have been colder in our tent outside in the rain. Thank goodness for this historical bakers house that they don’t lock, I just hope others don’t abuse the usage of it and the authorities having to lock it up in the future.

3-4 hours to get to Arrowtown, I’m not keen to get going as all my clothes are wet and cold, but going I must.

The plan today was not to go up and over hill but instead go around using the 4WD track. We started, 4 river crossing in the first couple of kms and each one we noticed that it’s getting rougher and once we got  to our turn off point where we head around the mountain, we then decided to go up and over instead.

It was a 400 meter climb, wasn’t hard as the gradient was gentle at first it was just the last part to the top that took a lot of my energy.

Going down was easy, fresh snow not where we were walking but on the surrounding mountains which explains why it was so cold this morning.

Wasn’t much in the way of views due to clouds but the views of Arrowtown was a welcome relief as we headed down.
Late lunch at the bakery cafe and then booked into a hotel which cost 190 dollars.