28 Nov. Te Araroa 58

After our disappointing trip down the Whangarei river, or the 2 hour trip that ended abruptly. We headed straight down to visit my auntie and my dad  where we stayed and recovered for a week in Whangarei and did some sight seeing

28 Nov. Te Araroa 58

Finally its time to leave the comfort of Wanganui where were we were feed decent food and keeped warm from a wood fire at night.

Cup of tea before leaving home our home for the week in Wanganui 

My auntie offered us a lift to Parmanstan North to get us back on the track as they were going down that way anyway for some shopping.

After a nice coffee and  cheese cake at coffee club, our last luxury treats for the next two week, we started our walk back on the track with the goal to reach Leven in a couple of days. Fortunately the weather gods have been kind to us with no rain in sight, only the cold winds that penetrate our thin walking jackets.

Having a weeks break from the trail has soften Eunhwa up and now she has been complaining about sore feet after just doing 10kms on the track, come 5pm we decided to camp, or more like Eunhwa decided and not only her feet were giving her problems but one of her knees were as well, this hasn’t happened since the first couple of days when we started the track back in early October on 90 mile beach. I’m just hopping that it’s because the week long rest break had soften her muscles and give it a couple more days everything will be back to normal.

Looked at the map and relised that our half way point will be achieved tomorrow, so I’ll be on the lookout for a sign saying 1,500kms for the Te Araroa walkers, I’m sure there will be.

We have camped along side the bicycle track which we have been walking on and so far we have had a half dozen cyclists  and runners pass us by. Its 6 o’clock and I was really surprised to see so many so maybe next time we setup camp I’ll look for a spot a bit further from a track.