15th November: Te Araroa 45

Taumarunui campsite to 42 Traverse trail camped on the trail.

then onto Tongariro National Park the next day.

So nice to have a warm cabin for the night, it didnt have an onsuilt but it had a heater which we turned on the moment we walked into the cabin. There wasn’t any bed covers or sheets which you had to pay extra for but that was ok as we just opened up our sleaping bags and used them for the night.

We got a lift back into town by the campsite owners so we can buy some supplies at the supper market and visit McDonlds again with the main purpose to use their WiFi but this time we had clean boots.

our goal today was to walk 25km

We were back on the track after a long walk along the highway and getting sprayed by the passing traffic we came across our turnoff.
It was a miserable days walking with the constant rain and finally we camped on the water logged ground.