6/11/2016. Te Araroa 36

Hamilton, passing through

The trail angel lady was kind enough to drop us off at Hamilton Paknsave supermarket so we can prepare ourselves for the next day.

It was a good thing we got a lift, the roads were narrow and it was just road walking all the way.

After shopping we made our way out of the town passing another large supermarket which would have been better as it further on the path.

We rested on what appaired to be the edge of the town, eating fresh bread and cheese admiring the views and the track a head of us.

A man (Rex) with a blue healer dog came over and starting talking to us, he was interested in what we were doing and then to our suprise, he invited use back to his place to stay for the night being 5pm. We thankfully accepted.

We walked back covering the same ground we did only half an hour ago for what seemed hours but in fact was only 45 minutes .

Yronne and Rex Amey our trail angels 
His wife welcomed us into their home and straight a way you could see she was a fan of the blue bird, pookeako, they were every where, in the gardens, window shelves , framed picture and even napkin while we had dinner that night.

Another fascinating thing was the family photos dating back to the 1900 or earlier. I had never seen such a display of old images of photo frames except in museum .