5/11/2016. Te Araroa 35

Wake-up , time to go

Early start this morning 6:30am, breakfast had to wait until 2hours, the weather couldn’t make up it mind which required many stops to put on/ off rain coats.

Passed through many farm lands where cow, would follow us and even when we stood there taking photos of open gate, they would nudge us. Very curious creatures.

Next paddock were  horse, they were more friendly that keeped walking in front of us then stop us from proceeding, they just wanted attention and while taking photos and video, one in particularly would nibble on my arm and nudge me while i was doing a video for Eunhwa.

That was our highlight for the day. 

Passing though Huntly, we used the spark WiFi station and where the WiFi was, there was a community hall. The lady that runs the place came over and offered us the use of the community hall facility such as for a toilet break, refill our water bottles and their kitchen which we accepted.

A monument we found just before we arrived at Huntly  Te Aharu O Wailcato 

Come 4pm we were looking for a place to call home for the night , i was getting worried as there were only farmland so we asked an old lady outside her house if she could point us in the right direction camp on her farm then suggested that we could camp on smooth grass next to her house then said, unless you want a bed inside.

Well Eunhwa’s eyes light up like a x-mass tree and we were resting with a hot cup of tea, shower, clothes cleaned by a washing machine instead by hard and a meal for the night.

What a treat, it was the best nights  sleep, in side a warm house and it rained all night. The lady was from Holland  and immigrant to NZ 40 years ago where she could remember the times during the second world war with her family pushing a wheelbarrow away from their house to escape the fighting.

She made us so welcome and we were so greatful and what a treat. She had just finished renovating  her house with boxes laying everywhere.

Her farm was now sold off along with all the land she had except her house and a large section that has a 17 years old cow. The properties on each side of hers  are where her son and daughter live so it’s a close family that look after her now in her retirement  years.

Thank you for helping us