3/11/2016. Te Araroa 33

Zero day in Mercer Hotel, 719km

Total rest day, it was great with the knowledge of not having to pack up our house this morning and with the plan to treat ourselves to coffee and hot breakfast not made out of a dehydrated pack.

McDonald here we come, i’m not real fan of going to the big McDonald’s but with limited places where you can get Free Wifi , where else can you go?

I remember back in Wipa the cost if Wifi was 5 dollars for each 100mbs, well as we observed from Liz, that only lasted her 1/2 an hour with uploading photos.

We spent 2hours relaxing with coffee and breakfast, then a quick walk around town which was definatly on one street town with little more than one pub, garage and a food hall for the passing traffic.

However, we visited a really next cheese shop that the Dutch owners have been operationg for the past 35years the cheese were on racks and were in the tradition round flat shape with many types available, of course we purchased some cheese, but not to much as weight is always a problem when walking and while i was there, we did a video of Eunhwa talks about the cheese.

Later in the after, we returned to our coffee shop (McDonald’s) only to discover that the recording. I did with the cheese was no good unless you could lip read. So before 5 o’clock we returned and did the videoing once again and this time i made sure that the mike was played in properly.