2/11/2016. Te Araroa 32

Wairoa Reservoir 681km to Mercer Hotel 719km

Early start, Pim studied the map and found an alternative to the bush walk that required a 200-300 meter hill climb along the muddy track, as we had heavy rain during the night it was an easy decision to road walk the same distance than the bush track and us a added bonus, we would get a 1/2 day a head of ourselves.

So here we are, in Mercer hotel that offered a Free Campsite in the back of there hotel for the Te Araroa walkers and a hot shower. Of course we will have a bar meal there, a well deserved meal, while all of our batteries are getting charged.

Most of the walking was on the road, but on a small segment  was on a track which required walking under the highway bridge and alongside along stomp.

The lady that runs the bar, Sally has taken photos of each walker that passes through and has them on display. So now, i’m in my tent, showered, shaved and my dirty clothes  washed and now on the bar  listen to Killy Monoy singing ‘I’m a virgin’.

McDonald is near by so it gives me time to up date my blog and send messages.