24th Oct. Te Araroa 23
We left behind the clouds of sand flies, and headed to Mangawhai Village. We made good time and distance today of 26kms which is about the the distance we would like to do most days.


On average we do 3km per hour and generally we walk in two hour blocks, then either we have a energy bar or lunch to break up the two hour block. Doesn’t always workout that way as there are attractions along the way were we just want to sit and relax and enjoy the views or the going is so extreme that after 40 minutes or so we just collapse and have a well deserved rest is required

We stopped for an hour in the small town of Mangawhai Village and refilled our water bottles and fuel for the cooker. Passing the school with many scarecrows that the school kids made in preparation for a upcoming school fair.

More beach walking today but only 5km or so but tomorrow is going to be about 17kms so we plan to be up nice and early the next morning to get the low tide.