22ed Oct.Te Araroa 21

Waipu, here we are, didn’t take long to get into town and with today’s goal is to update Eunhwa’s blog and catch up with a few emails. We camped at the back of a Pub which offered a good discount for TA walkers, showered and washed our clothes which made us feel so much better.

We finally experience what most travelers have been complaining about, slow, unreliable internet which costs an arm and a leg. Liz purchased from the Pub a 5 dollars access to the internet which gives you 100mb, that lasted her about 30 minutes so she ventured into town to find a cafe that offered free WiFi, best to be comfortable and spend  5 dollars for a coffee and have access to the WiFi than be restricted to only 100 mb of data.

After our shopping at 4 square, before we head off tomorrow, we found a Spark box that gave us 1GB of data per day and we could attach  3 devices to it at one time.  (Spark is the mobile network provider I used for my stay in New Zealand)  So naturally we gave access of one of this devices to Liz while we used the other two to upload photo to facebook and blogs.


Fish and chips at the bar for the evening meal, no cooking tonight.