1st Feb Wednesday, Te Araroa 123

2,931km camp site Riverton to Invercargill 2,964km (33km)

Late start this morning after two coffees at the camp site where the kitchen didn’t open until 7:15 and the WiFi  wasn’t walking.
Walked into town of Riverton to the local bakery for a pie and coffee. Post master bakery. Nice and relaxing before we start the next segment  of the final two days to reach Bluff. 33km to invercargill.

The beach walk wasn’t very exciting but the positive was that we had a strong wind pushing our backs all the  way.  we passed a couple of other hikers that were coming  the opposite direction and they looked tired from fighting  against  the head wind. 

There was nothing to view along the way, I’m sure I could see Stewart island from the distance, if weather is good tomorrow I’ll make a visit


The final walk from the beach to the town was long and painful, my feet were really sore. I’m not sure if it’s the heavy boots I’m wearing or just the amount of kms I have done  in the last 7 day without rest. But  I really struggled.
Made it to invercargill and checked in at the Tuatara backpacker, we got a room to share with 4 others. it’s not a place I’d like to return to as the rooms are very closed with no windows and by the time I removed my boots, the room really smelled bad. but we booked and paid  for two nights and the third night I’ll look for somewhere else .