31st Jan Tuesday , TA Araroa  122

2897km (Ports Water Race Track) next to mining equipment.  To 2931km camp site Riverton. Tent
Where’s the rain? The Hiker from Martins Hut yesterday  said that there was a 90% chance of rain first thing this morning, but instead at 6:30 when we packed up our tent and on the trail it’s was getting really warm. A pleasant change from the previous  4 months.

Walking along the track was easy going following the Ports Water Race Track which supplied water to the mining industry  back in the 1950’s and even further back to the 1874 where the Chinese had worked.  It must have been a large operation as the channel we are following goes on for 23km with abandoned  equipment  still sitting in the forest.

We carried on for a 15kms or so until  we found a suitable  water source so we can make our traditional Cappuccino and breakfast.

Not much further we turned off Long Hilly Track  to Mathieson track  which then eventually leads us to Riverton via the main road, we could have walked along the beach which was longer but at this stage I wasn’t interested and just wanted a soft bed, shower and some decent  food.

This sign represented the last of the forest  walks, no more mud, tenting and generally  roughing  it.
Made it into Riverton and booked a cabin for the night at the campsite. Had  some  drinks at the local pub to celebrate  our achievements and then a well deserved  meal.