16th Jan Monday. Te Araroa 107

2446km just out of Twizel to 2482km next to stream, tent (36km)

I had a late start this morning as I was waiting for Ken to arrive from Twizel, where he resupplied and had a big breakfast.
I myself had a great breakfast, basic but it’s just what I needed, baked beans on toast.

It wasn’t untill 11am that we started on the track, after having a day and a half rest, I was full of energy even with seven days worth of food on my back.

Lake Ohau
We passed the salmon farm and followed the channel all the way to Lake Ohau. No rain but the wind was very gusting .

We finally got onto Lake Ohau Road where the conditions got worse where it was a full head on battle . Even the lake was taking a transformation from carm waters to what looked like what you’d see at the beaching waves crushing on the beach.

Lake Ohau at a distance  leaving behind the winds

I was shattered, every step I took was getting slower, the last hour of the day was uphill, innitually we had planned to do this segment the following day but was we couldn’t find a decent place to camp, we carried on as Guthook, Kens app on his phone had identified a sport the said it was a good spot.

Finally we got there with the small rain hitting us, the area wasn’t the typical camp site with green grass but spots of bear ground between large borders. But it was my home for the night.

That night I took a couple of Anti-inflammatory tablets and with the river being only 7 meters away. I slept very soundly, not even the uneven ground disturb me.

Ken relaxing after pushing me the last couple of hours

It was a late finish for the day at 8pm, it wasn’t planned that way but we just had to keep going to find a suitable ┬áplace to set up camp.