14th jan Saturday: Te Araroa 105

2368km tent with a view over Lake Tekapo to Tekapo 2389km

Woke up really early this morning from the cold, Ken was awake and was keen to head off at a silly time like 4:30 that time of the morning to get to the town, I wasn’t.

But we started off early anyway and got to the main road, then walked along side the Lake until mother and David came by and picked us up in the motor home.

Easy day walking all downhill from the view we had last night.

Did my washing at Lake Tekapo to the releaf of my mother

Now I plan to have a couple of zero day to recover from my sore feet.

We drove to Twizel where we parked the motor home and stayed for the night. Tomorrow we go for a walk to a place close to Mt cook.