12th Jan Thursday. Te Araroa 103

Bush Stream carpark, Rangitata Gorge Rd 2316km to stone hut 2333km (17km)

Strong winds and rain pushing and twisting by tent side to side last night to the extreme. Not much sleep for me as water poured into my tent soaking everything. It was a very extreme night of winds that i thought the tent would have suffered damage. 

Inside the tent .  early morning

Looking out at the weather , the outlook didn’t look very good for me but I slowly packed everything in preparation for a wet day. By the time it was to exit the tent, most of the sky was blue but still with high winds, I’m continually surprised how quick the weather can turn.

Made it in good time to the first hut Crooked Spur, two hunter’s were there but we’re about to head off after an unsuccessfully hunt and told be to help myself to the beers they are leaving behind.

Spend the next hour drying my sleeping bag, tent and clothes which should lighten my bag, everything was wet and thankfully the warm weather and wind made everything dry nice and quick.

Passing many passes, up and over the hills and I can real close to a family of chamois. Seems that they are getting used to hiker coming through, one day they will encounter the wrong hiker.

If you look real close, you can see the chamois

Stone hut with its open fireplace and basic building was a welcome break from the tent last night,

And guess how walked into the hut. My mate Ken from America

I’ve decided that I’ve been walking for to long without a real break, last break must be over a week and a half ago and my feet, ankles are starting to give me greff swelling up, I socked them in the stream for ten minutes and rubbed some Anti inflammatory Gel. Hopefully that will get me through for tomorrow as it’s going to be another long day before I meet mother in her motor home.