3ed Oct, Te Araroa day 2

Day 1 – lunch 2 packs of korean food (like minute noodles but with rice)

Monday 7 : 30 am we got packing and headed for the road to hopefully catch the morning traffic, got our lift 10am by an English young couple in a campavan they purchased in Auckland for 6,000 NZD. Their plan is to travel for 12 months, and find a place to maybe stay and work for 3 months than consider applying for a more permanent visa. 


We started Cape Reinga at 11am, within the first hour we stopped and had lunch or breakfast as its our first meal for the day, while we waited for the tide to go out so we can continue walking along the beach. 


Camping at Twilight Beach , walked 14km for the day, arrived at 4:40pm.


Tank water available with two toilets and cooking area with shaded tables. Great place in the event of rain. Nine people on our first day at the campsite ( 1 American woman, Liz, NZ couple Mandy and Scot and the rest New Zealand. Funny thing, we were the first to reach the camp site and found a travel book, big and heavy along with a large bag of Oats, apple and biscuits, obviously they had carried too much and dumped stuff to reduce some weight , the book alone must have been a Kg.


Sleep early, just as the sun sets and we watched it happen from our tent overlooking ocean.

We definitely carried too much food, my backpack must be at no less than 20kgs or over, doesn’t help when we filled up with 4 liters of water each, and enough food for 10 days all this because it was gifted / sponsorshiped to us and enough energy bars for 2 weeks.