10th Oct

Cold morning, hard to get out of the sleeping bag so while still in the bag, I turned on the gas stove up and boiled water for Eunhwa ‘s korean soup, every thing was wet from the night dew but by 8:10am we were making our first hill climb on the track, generally the track was good, three major climbs and descent where we had little rest. I guess thanks to the many energy bars we consumed that day we made it through Thank you Kellogg’s for supporting us and our journey.

The last 2 hours of the day was very muddy, at times mud was above our gaiters  with the boots getting sunk down into the mud making progress very hard.  Twice we lost the path, not taking specially attention to the markers when our heads were down pushing forward and walking straight ahead instead to the right or left where the marker indicated otherwise.

We exited the forest at about 6:30pm, still about an hours light left but we really needed to find water before we could camp anywhere.   At the same time the two English guys had the same idea, we found a patch of soft ground to pitch our tent which was just on the edge on the farm land as we left the forest where obvious evidence of cattle had been.  Water looked clean but we boiled it for an extra couple minute, just in case.