2 Dec. Te Araroa 62

Te Matawai hut to Nichols hut (8am to 5:30pm)

I forgot to refuel my gas cooker while we were in Levin, we have enough if we reduce our cooking to just once per day and lucky for us, we have a lot of food that’s doesn’t need cooking such as Tortillas bread, crackers, cheese, peanut butter, and tuna in a packet.

Hard to believe that to do 5 km walking takes 4-5 hours, but today for the second day, this is what we are dealing with and fortunity  the weather has been ok. 

Not much of a view, total white out

Hut we had lunch at . room for two people 

Cloud  cover in the morning, cleared up during the day but it got really cold latter in the afternoon as we climbed 1,100 elevation height and it got really cold and fortunity we were only 30 minutes from the hut which the other three TA walkers had already reached.