18th friday Nov: Te Aroaro 48
Zero day in Ohakune

We brought forward our planed booking for the canoe trip down the Whangarei river. Today the river level was very high and no canoes were going on the river today or there has been for the last five days due to the resent rains. But tomorrow it’s expected to be getting better.

Lunch, fish and chips

The homestay was very pleasant where we had our own room and we took full advantage of using the washing machine for our smelly clothes and to eat some green vegetables from the local supermarket.

BBQ meal

The back yard, where if you wanted to, you could pitch your tent which had great views of the Tongariro Crossing.

We spent the day getting food supplies for our canoe trip where this time weight wasn’t going to be an issue so we decided to stock on quality food, snacks and alcohol.

Supplies for the next 4-5 days

Later that afternoon, barrows that were water tight for our gear was dropped off and we started loading the barrows up with all our supplies and general clothes and then getting rid of the backpacks where we will pick them up in Wanganui camp ground.

Been a great day with coffee in town and a good meal nutritional wise.