28th Oct. Te Araroa 27
No go away

Getting closer to Auckland and starting to get excited, The help along the way from total strangers have been great. Mainly road walking today to get to the point where we had to time our crossing at Okura River for low tide.

Bit slow today and getting to our plan spot to camp for the night wasn’t going to happen. We were in the country side and so we decided to door knock and asked if we could camp on their land, usually no problems but this time we approach a Chinese family, the father couldn’t speck English so the son had to translate our request to put up a tent on his property or if he know of anywhere we could do this.

He thought about it and after pointing at his house and saying something in Chinese, it was then translated to us as a No, no we couldn’t camp or help us out. So we left the large section of land behind us and went next door and they were more than happy to help us out and pointed to a patch of land where to pitch our tent.

Eunhwa had been really surprised by the hospitality of the New Zealanders so far where total strangers were more than happy to help us  out and giving us a comfortable place to tent and even a bed for the night.