Travelling from L.A. airport to the starting point of the CDT by rental car,Greyhound bus and then a minivan. Four days before we start the trail.


Leaving Blythe early after coffee and breakfast  at McDonald’s.  Plan is to get to Tucson where we will drop off our rental car and proceed to the next town Lordsburg the following day.

A truck stop for the tired drivers

A reminder of what’s to come along the trail for the next 5 months, 

Just finished shopping at Walmart for my food supplies, total of 15 days but not to be carried at once, five days worth of food starting at the Mexican border  and the rest to be put in post boxes and forward  ahead for me to two locations.

Sunday: Unreliable Greyhound bus service 

Lazy morning and breakfast at the hotel was basic but ok.  Catching the Greyhound bus to Lordburg which will take  just over two hours. On arrival to the Greyhound station we were told that the bus has broken down and reschedule  to 8pm, 6-7 hours extra we have to sit about and wait. NOT HAPPY. now looking at other options of getting to Lordburg. 

We did some research  and as Lordburg being remote, there was no other transport heading that way on Sunday, except taxis.

got our bus refund and booked a taxi and negotiate a fixed fair of 180USD

The taxi driver was a type I wouldn’t trust in a heartbeat, changing the price and wanting us to pay upfront which wasn’t going to happen.  Along the way he talked and talked, thankfully I really didn’t  understand what he was talking about as I didn’t have the local knowledge or understand the politics so I was happy for Ken to entertain him.

Lordsburg is a small  dusty town with a couple of fast food outlets and hotels.  Hot and uncomfortable during the day and in 6 days time  will be passing through this town to resupply and to freshen up with a stay for the night in the hotel .

Lordsburg main street

Posting my packages off to two post location with one carrying my food and warm cloths with crampon for the snow and ice axe.

Post office to forward trail food and winter clothes 

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we start the trail  with a 3 hours drive  to th start point.

Next upset on this blog is in five days