2 Jan 2018, First ride on my crf250 for over 8 months. Meeting English John, Brian and another American guy at Promadana at 10:30 with the plan of doing the Gassan Loop.

English John needs to return by 4pm for a thai course so it’s probable  just a 6 hour outing.

First stop after about 70km ride was the Gassan Khuntan Golf resort.

Ride from the car park to the main building was in the golf buggy, an unexspected surprise, great views while having a coffee break and a chicken sandwich, menu price werr resonable cheaper than MadDog on chiang mai.

Carried on passing through many villages with traffic control to slow traffic down to a safe limit, worked for us but I’m not sure for the general population.

Halfway we stopped for a break which was on top of the hill we passed over.

Wasn’t much of a view there but overall the ride was pleasant enough with good road conditions.