29th July Saturday
26 miles

Water seems to be the theme  today, I knew that there’s some distance between streams so I started the day with what I thought plenty of water. Second breakfast, no problem, lunch, getting  low.  Now that the weather seems to be heating up more, I’m again in the position of running low.

Next water source was in 1.7 miles, last update report was two weeks back.  So I sat in the shade with the intention to finish my water, but as I opened the lid of my water bottle, you wouldn’t believe it, a fly flew in and bumped and crashed about inside the bottle, I was hoping it would just fly out, but no, it did a dive boom into the water and started to drown , I was a little pissed off to say the least  and out of frustration I flung the water with the fly out onto the ground.  The result being, no water  and a very thirsty Stephen, what I should have done was transfer the water to another water bottle, minis the fly of course and put it through the filter again.

But now camped next to a stream not far from Janhke Lake  where I finished walking at 7:30pm, so that makes it a 14 and a half hours on the trail, however I must admit that  I had two long breaks, an hour each.

Rocky path for  few hours

Dinner was nice this evening, mashed potatoes  (dehydrated just add water) peas, carrots, mushrooms, Zucchini and onions, again dehydrated and some protein.  The vegetables  I had packing since two this afternoon  and the potatoes only take about ten minutes and to spice it all up, I used Chilli Powder.