27th July Thursday

2,295 miles (3,693km) so far

I need a break, next segment is going to be long so a rest is needed first,  9 days to Anaconda  (225miles)

Thank goodness I’m getting rid of my gore tex boots, I thought they would be great going through the snow reducing the wet socks, but not really, but instead it traps the water in and made my woollen socks stink real bad in particular when its a hot dry day as the feet couldn’t  breath.

The old shoes did over 1,200 miles. New ones just need to do 700 miles to Canada boarder.

I’m back the the original one now, no gore tex for me. Rubbish

I camped out on the nice soft green lawn, a first since I’ve started on the long adventure.

A late breakfast at the only restaurant in town, omelette, hash browns and toast washed down with a couple of cups of coffee, large portions with average taste but it filled the spot.

This town has more deserted buildings than occupied ones, thankfully the post office was open and being a small town it closes for an hour for lunch and done for the day at 3:30.

Old post office no longer in use

New post office to the right with very helpful staff. Food package and new shoes waiting for me

Many hikers here, all going South , a couple woman travelling  alone and I was surprised to observed that one that arrived yesterday was still wearing dirty clothes and not showered, me, showered and clothes washed early this morning before breakfast. Man I feel good.

Where I camped for two nights at Leadore Inn. Very damp in the mornings

Sorted out my food for nine days and happy with my new shoes to start breaking them in tomorrow for the last 750 miles.

Leadore Inn