26th July Wednesday
20 miles


Every time I push myself and do like a 30 miles walk the day before, I’m slow in getting going in the next morning even though I know I should hit the trail early. So at 7am I finally  got going and within half an hour I come across more South bound hikers, in total four this morning.

4WD trail walking for a few hours

Not really a lot to say about today, rolling hills but today most were going down hill for me.

Rolling hills for easy  walking today

I’m keen to reach Leadore today, I have been told that there are only four rooms available but when fully booked up, Sam, the owner, lets hikers use their tent out in the backyard for a donation, the general concession  is that it’s 10 dollars for a tent site.  He’s got a washing machine and access to a shower which I plan to use ASAP.

Very small town I’ve been told, hotel, a dinner and a post office where my stuff will be waiting for me.

Bannock Pass summit car park, waited 2 and a half hours for a lift
I finally arrived at the trail head, Bannock Pass summit, where I start looking for a lift to Leadore which is 16 miles away. There were two cars in the car park but nobody about.  The main road was gravel and at 3pm I started waiting.

Two South bound hikers came along, the two girls doing the whole trail, thankfully 10 minutes later we got a lift all the way into town to a place for my tent for two nights. Leadore Inn is run by Sam and he has been most helpful and accommodating.  That evening I had a fish and chips for dinner, it was ….ok. i would have gone for the  steak or  hamburger but they  were all sold out.  But the relaxing time i had in the Silver Dollar Restaurant  and bar was a welcome relief.