25th July Tuesday
30 miles


5:30 start with my headlamp on for the first half hour, looks likes it’s going to be an overcast day which I’m happy about, good change to have the sun not beating down on me and cooler temperatures as i carry on and climb the many mountains.

I meet a couple more through-hikers heading South  today, seven of them left Leadore at the same time getting  dropped off at the trail head.  Leadore is two days away, I’m in no hurry  to  get there as my new trail runners (walking boots) are not  due there until Thursday,  hopefully the American post office system is reliable and the supplier of the boots posted them straight away when I went on  Amazon to order them.

Started drizzling, then got cold as I climbed in elevation, had lunch under a tree which provided some shelter but for the first time in many weeks, I was getting cold so lunch was short  and within  15 minutes  I was back on the trail.

Rolling hills and  passing a couple with the farm dogs with their owners on their horses which looked to me that they were checking the fence line on the Ranch. I walked wide around them as the dogs kept barking at me, I wasn’t worried about the dogs much, it was the horses that looked very nervous and jumpy with there owners standing besides  them.

Marking the way

I was surprised, I did 30 miles today and I decided to camp on top of a hill with great views of the sun setting, but unfortunately, the rains returned but thankfully it wasn’t enough to cause me grief.

If I’m lucky, I get to follow these posts to guild me the way, but sometime  I still take the wrong path