3nd May Wednesday
16 miles (26kms)

Leaving Silver City  behind with a full belly after our last decent  breakfast  for at least 9 days.

With well rested feet we spent the first couple of hours doing road walking to get to the trail head.
Ken was slow today with blisters still giving him problems and in hindsight, it would have been better to stay an extra night in Silver City.

One of many motor homes along the way

It’s a hot day, we found a stream for water which was nice and cool. I’m in the habit  of filtering all my water, it’s either  a pill or my Sawyer filter which is attached to my drinking water bottle.

We stopped early as we both were tired and was fortunate to find a camp site next to a stream.  In new Zealand this was very common but on our 9th day it’s our first on this trail.