21st July Friday
20 miles

Lazy start of 7am, it just goes to show you that if I push myself one day I pay it back the next.

Water points were far and few between, I filled up and filtered  everything along the way.  My last stream I drank over a litre and carried enough I thought that would get me to the main road. Come 4 o’clock my water supply was running real low, I had put aside enough for dinner, which was going to be powered potato and herbs thrown in to make things more interesting. I was exposed to the full sun for most of the afternoon and i was really getting dry, I felt terrible, my throat was dry, my tongue felt it had swollen and at this point I was hoping to see a trail angel with a water supply to help out hikers like me.


I found a sign, it provided shade where I sipped at what water I had, not wanting to drink to much.  After a ten minute break, I carried on, passing a few dried up creeks along the way with 5 miles to go before I get to the main highway.

From a distance off the trail, I could see some sort of structure, could it be? I had to check it out and soon realised it was a water trough for the local cattle.  It looked well maintained and the water was very clear, but I still filtered it.  What a relief, I drank my fill, filled up my bottles again and happily  carried on the trail

Being 5 o’clock  in the afternoon, there was no sense in heading into town where I’d only have to pay a silly price at the campsite.

Just relaxing, enjoying an early stop for the day

I stopped just short of the main road by 3 miles at what looked like an existing camp site that had a fire pit and trees for shelter.

Tomorrow I’ll get up early and hopefully it will be easy to hitch a lift into town (Lima) where again, hopefully the post office is open on a Saturday.