19th July Wednesday
23 miles

Up before first light to get WiFi to update my blog and order new trail runners, lucky for me that the laundromat was open and i stripped down and with only my rain pants and jacket on, I washed everything. WiFi was very good and did everything I needed to do, so I’ll have my new shoes waiting for me in Leadore in 10 days time, hopefully  my current shoes will last with over a 1,000miles so far on them. Just need to last another 250 miles.

Just heading out of town after going back to say goodbye  to Greg, and stopped off at Robson Nest to get a few supplies and a big breakfast.

I decided to post forward the food box at the postoffice, I wasn’t sure where to post it to, so I just sent it to a post office at Leadore where I sent my shoes to, so when I get there I’ll have two food boxes waiting for me, then again once i get there, I’ll post it forward once I know which town is best for a resupply, as it cost nothing for the service.

A nice little waterfull

I headed back on the trail again, the road was first sealed but then dusty gravel  with mamy truck and ATV passing me and covering me with dust.

Going was hard under the hot sun, I forgot to fill up my water bottle before leaving as i was talking with a couple of cyclists also doing the continental Divide from Canada to Mexico, obviously using a different route than I’m  doing but at times we share a common path.

Cyclists I meets after my big breakfast, they are also doing the CDT , but heading south my via the roads and trail
It was hard work walking to where the trail starts and fortunihly for me I got a lift, with a slight detour to the high point that overlooks the vast country side below us from  Sawtell Peak, the views were hazy maybe from nearby forest fires but on a good day,  Marshall said you could see the nearby national parks and Geysers.