13th July Thursday

33 miles

I knew it was going to be a long day and with walking 15 hours I really feel it.

Forest walking, very relaxing and easy going

I had an extra 4 miles added to the end of the day because where I had planned to camp was all fire damaged.

Fire damaged  forest, not safe to camp here

Tomorrow it town day, it’s where I get to eat real food, resupply for the next segment which will be Yellowstone national park and charge up my batteries for my phone.

Again today I took the wrong trail, more to the point I didn’t see the turnoff and I carried on downhill and after some time I checked my GPS, no shortcuts, I had to backtrack about a mile all uphill. I wasn’t  very happy, doing off trail miles isn’t fun.

Knowing I’m going into town and not sure if they have a laundromat or not, I kept my gaiters on for the sole purpose to keep the legs of my pants free from mud.

Yesterday I was up to my waist in the river trying to cross so because of that, my pants kind of got washed where all the mud was removed.  I know I look a little untidy when going into town, but at some times I just want to minimise  the disgusting mess I’m in.  Some refer to us as hiker-trash, but I really think it’s the hiker that like to call themselves that.

gaiters, a must for many reasons
Gaiters have been a well worth investment, through New Mexico that kept out the dust but admittedly they were to hot to wear at times, Colorado with all its snow, gave added protection, warmth and stopped snow from getting into your shoes , Wyoming, reduced the ticks that got onto my socks and found your their way up my legs, found 6 one evening on my legs. But now, simply to keeps me clean before going into town.