2ed May Tuesday

Really really early start for the morning, alarm clock was set at 5am but we started packing up at 4:40am

We wanted to get into town (Silver City) ASAP so we can rest for as much as possible.

Took us just over an hour to get to the main road and 30 minutes latter we were offered a lift into town saving us 4 hours of hard road walking.

Breakfast at 9am and we were Lucky to be able to check in to the title at 10am.

List of things to do were resupply our food, post foreword a box of food to Pie  Town and then a visit to the post office to pick up my replacement part for the tent.

One of many artworks in Silver City

All up, it was a nice relaxing  day walking about in the city and looking at its artwork and then finished  with a good Mexican  dinner.