7th July Friday
11 miles

Bridger National Forest

This section I plan to do in one go, that means I walk through the Winds River Mountain Range,  from one highway to the other, a 166 mile (267 km) where I hope should take 6-7 days.  Most hikers stop halfway to resupply and hitch-hike into Pinedale, but I’m happy to carry the extra food to get me through.

Leaving Lander 

Edwin was kind enough to drop me back at the trail head, but not before a full breakfast.  The two nights I had spent in their home was something I needed to recover from the previous week.  In fact, my big toe was giving me problems as I must have kicked a rock sometime and the toe has swollen up threatening to create a problem where only antibiotics would fix.

It’s always the case, after a complete  days rest, its hard to get going, or maybe it’s a combination of post rest day and heavy  backpack that has 7 days worth of food. Must be about 14 pounds of extra weight (Just over 6 kgs)

Thunder and dark clouds  were around me and after some warning, that I ignored, the clouds opened up and i got dumped on while I was frantically searching for my raincoat. Come 4 o’clock  I had enough  for the day and spotted a suitable  camp spot where I setup while still in the rain.  Naturally it stopped 10 minutes after but as I was feeling tired, with only 11 miles walked today, very poor effort I must admit.  I decided to have a early night and hopefully I can start real early tomorrow to make up for today.