4th July Tuesday

As planned, I was up at first light and at 5 o’clock  I said my goodbyes to Sara and Andy.

I didn’t need my sweater and as the sun was coming up, I felt it easy going compared to yesterday even though I had a slight hill climb for 2 hours.

Morning lights to start the day

The tiredness  that hit me for two days was now behind me, it’s either, I had pushed myself too hard over the last week or the big temperature difference once I left the snow lands effected me.

wild horses

This time I had regular breaks and made a point to drink much more water, lucky for me I passed a water cache which a trail angle setup, clean water which I didn’t have to filter is good news and I must have drank down almost two litres and half filled my bottles.  Then just two miles further along was another water cache in a strong box, Gatorade and water so thank you Hawkeye, that being his trail name, and I helped myself to a bottle of cool Gatorade while resting on the box.

Thanks Hawkeye, the drink was just what I needed
Happened  to me twice today, walking along with music in my ears and missed the turnoff. Backtrack half a miles, tracks like this are very common around this area and i need to be checking with my GPS all the time.

Whoops, missed the turnoff

After setting up my tent, I decided to strip and do a tick inspection after seeing a few during the last couple of days.  All up I counted 6 ticks on my legs, lucky I had tweezers and before pulling them out, I drowned them with Betadine at which point they loosened their grip and easy to remove.

Two more days I’ll be back onto a town (Lander) for resupply and I’ll be looking into getting some deet or something similar to ward off these little horrible bugs.