3rd July Monday
16 miles

Still in bed at 6am, and to my surprise, Sara came over with a hot coffee.  What luxury.

After packing up my tent , I went over to Andy and Sara where I said my good byes to mother bear  and the three of us set off along the path.

I knew I wouldn’t be breaking any distance records today as i just seem to be low in energy but if I could just do 20 miles I’ll be happy. This wasn’t to be with only 16 miles achieved today.

My boots are already fully apart with only 400 miles

Found a spot next to a small spring which was fenced off from the cows that gathered to drink from the down stream runoff.

I know it was much to early to stop and camp at 5pm, but I went as far as I could today and besides it was nice to have company for a change.

Once the tents were up, a few cows came over to challenge the fact we probable took their resting place for the night, Andy waved and made noise and soon the cows disappeared without putting up to much of a fight.

Bed early and rest up, tomorrow  is another day with the intention  of starting early, maybe 5am.