30th June Friday
30 miles.

Morning birds woke me this morning where it’s becoming a habit  of starting on the trail just before 5:30.

Going was difficult when leaving Pipeline trailhead, it seems that as soon as I stepped  over into Wyoming, there is always fallen trees blocking the path and either you have to clamber over them or take a wide berth  around them. This morning there’s no letting up on this, and worse still, at times there was no path which required frequent usage of my mobile phone app for navigation.  Thankfully, later, cairn’s  and poles for markers become more frequent and at 9:30 I stopped for my second breakfast and to tend to my wet tent and mend my poor sore toes that I need to apply bandages  to.

Once the initial  climbing was done, the rest of the day was easy going, with the main trial going downhill along an existing 4WD track.

Trail magic along the way, a nice rest with sugar drink

I’m losing weight, not much I can do about that when I walking like 25 miles per day, but my backpack waist belt has run out of adjustment and my bones are starting to stick out on my back making wearing the backpack uncomfortable.  My remedy  is to wear my sweater around my waist thus providing extra padding. In two months time when I’m in South Korea, I’m sure Eunhwa will be looking after me with her new skills of Korean cooking after completing a 4 month course.