29th June Thursday
Colorado-Wyoming border
29 miles
Frost and cold hands rolling up my tent, but the dark clouds  are gone and I’d  expect a blue sky day.

I pushed myself today to get to Wyoming border, I forgot to check out the water supply up further along the trail to see if I needed to carry any and i ended up walking for almost 10 miles with no water. Hot and dry work.

I managed to find an alternative trail from the CDT that required me to climb a very high hill at 6 in the evening.  I reckon it saved me a couple of hours where all I had to do was follow a gravel road and it lead me back on the trail.  A bright yellow pickup was at the Pipeline trail head car park with a family of four.  They started asking questions about where I started and plan to finish and of course, where I’m from.  The dad was a bit of a hunter but this time he had the little kids with binoculars looking for wildlife.  Just as they were leaving, he offered me an Amy food pack which I happily  accepted, his wife was shocked  that I was so happy.  She considers  that food rubbish and has been in the back of the car for a while, I think she would be horrified if she knew what food I’m eating while on trail.

Individual hunters food pack, like an Army  food pack but better. Chilli and Macaroni
Camping with great views of Hog Park Reservoir below, it’s good to have long days with light so you can just sit and relax at the end of the day and reflect on what I achieved for the day, that is until the cold  forces you into the tent and warm sleeping bag.

It’s been a great day, I pushed myself harder to get up to the 30 miles most days as the terrain should get easier as i have now left Colorado .