26th June monday
17 miles

Left my campsite  nice and early with the hope that when I get back into town there would be a cafe open for breakfast.  Last night I walked about 40 minutes out of town until I found a vacant property  with trees and bushes to provide cover.  I had to step over a creek first then after a few metres I realised it was swampy. With my shoes already wet from the first couple of steps I went further in to seek higher ground which I luckily did.

My plan was to get into city centre nice and early and have a hot breakfast,  But at 6 o’clock  everything was closed and deserted.  I found a WiFi spot to call Eunhwa  but the signal  wasn’t very strong.  Just then the free bus stopped and it turned out to be the bloke I spoke to yesterday about living in Thailand.  I asked him where is there something open to eat with WiFi.  McDonald’s he said. just a mile up the road.

Well it’s warm, has WiFi and I charged up my phone and the breakfast wasn’t too bad.  I do wonder if they use real eggs for the scrambled eggs or powder.

Did my business at the post office and headed towards the trail.  Feeling really tired and slow in moving, but to get back onto the trail was a long climb uphill so I tried my luck with hitchhiking.

I got a lift up to  2 miles from the trail head where a boom across the access road closed it off to vehicle and when I got out of the car, I felt terrible.  The Mexican  food last night wasn’t doing me  any good and then I emptied my stomach of McDonald’s food and the coffee, I then lay down in a shade of a bush and rested for a couple of hours.  But still I had 2 miles to walk to the campsite.

Not a happy face

It was slow with many stops along the way, my bag was so heavy, 8 days worth of food or was it because I just felt terrible. Fortunately I had a hydration drink mix which I’m sure helped me along the way and by 5 o’clock I finally made it to buffalo crest.

There was a lake, but all iced over with snow.  I found a flat spot, not too far from the toilets which I visited frequently.

What a rough day.


27th June Tuesday

Buffalo pass. Summit lake campsite

Zero miles

Still feeling under the weather this morning, it was going to be a late start this morning.  I’d rest until 9 am.  But after a couple of visits to the toilet  I decided to stay until noon.

Noon had come and gone and I was still lying in my tent, I decided to take the whole day off as the thought of climbing the long hill in my condition wasn’t very appealing.

Come 4 o’clock another hiker from France came up and introduced himself, he’s doing the same as me and travelling with an American.  Strange, he was looking for a lift along the trail, if it was a highway I would understand but up here on the trail.??

I said I hope to catch up with them tomorrow but in the back of my mind I knew it would take a couple of days to make the gap of 3-4 hours.