30th April Sunday
Camp on Burro Mountain at 118 miles (walked 18 miles , 29kms)

Last night was a cold night, the sleeping bag should have been a warm one but last night I was really cold.  After dark I found my head lamp then dressed myself with warmer clothes. Icebreaker longjohns and a jacket. But even that didnt keep the cold away and by morning my hips, back and feet were sore from the restless sleep.

6:30 was when we packed up and soon after we were heading north along the trail to our first water hole, fortunately it was clean water were we filled and carried  as much as we could with the next supply would be in 20 miles.

Couple of hours later we came across a hikers gift in the form of bottled water, oranges and a can of soft drink.   This has been put here by a trail angel  and it was indeed a welcome sight.

After finishing our juicy orange and a can of soft drink we carried on until we came across the trail angel herself.  She called herself Genie the name coming from the old tv series . We talked for a while and she let us know that there will be a surprise when we get to the trailhead, which is where the road intersects  the trail and there is a resting spot. She had blue powder on her hands and was telling us there are clues along the way to guide us.

Genie our trail angel.

Sure enough there were markers along the way to make sure we don’t take the wrong turn as we passed many cattle.  Blue markers everywhere painted on rocks and fence posts.

We came across her gifts, icebox with beer, non alcoholic beer, water, and juice drinks.  Along with that was Apple’s, bananas,  and bags of nuts.  Timing couldn’t have been better as it was well passed lunchtime and we sat, relaxed and ate with a non alcoholic drink.  Thank you Genie

Water, food, fruit  and drinks

The final part of the day was a maintain climb and for the next couple of hours we made our way up to Burro mountain until we came across a deserted settlement with four foundations of past building remaining.

Great camp site for the night, 

This we where we decided to stop and camp among the pine trees that provided soft cover on the ground for the tents.

Water supply along the way.