22ed June thursday
19 miles

Start 1413

Passed a single moose that blocked my path, I had to wait 15 minutes until it decided to move on but then it returned to the path  to stop and stare at me. Finally it ran into the forest  but I walked wide of the trail just to make sure I was at a safe distance.

Two river crossing, small but it was time to get out my camp shoes, I’m happy to spend time changing into my plastic shoes as I just didn’t want to get my hiking boots and socks wet so early in the morning especially because I have a lot of mountain climbing to do
Passing into Never Summer Wilderness, Arapaho National Forest. Thankfully the name of the park didn’t ring true today as it’s a cloudless sky with the sun beating down on me while I’m having my mid morning  break.  It’s day 5 now since I haven’t  had my gas cooker, no hot meals or coffee in the morning and evening, and to be honest, I haven’t  missed it at all to my surprise. In fact I’ve enjoyed  keeping thing basic and for my mid morning break I’ve had an “ice coffee” ok no ice but the stream water was definitely cold.

Boots and socks off for this crossing

I like this crossing

Bowen Pass (11,470 feet)

I climbed up to Bowen Pass and was welcomed  by a chipmunk that came out to great me, very friendly  and almost excited to see me.  I’m thinking that maybe hikers that pass this way may drop some food or give it a little treat whilst resting after the long climb.

Maybe the last time I use the ice axe and crampons 

There was snow coming up, but not much thankfully.  The trail goes down the valley but as most of the snow is now gone, I decided to follow the ridge line so I would avoid the big descent and the inevitable climb back up.  Great views along the way and there was only one patch where I needed to pull out the ice axe for extra support.  I’m now hoping that today is the last time I’ll ever need the ice axe and crampons, I’m so over the energy draining walk through snow and the risks that come with it.