17th June Saturday

I got eaten alive last night with the local mosquitoes, strange, they were everywhere but I found a lot of bites on my shoulders.
Where I camped there was another person camping, I’d seen many day hikers yesterday, as the trail head wasn’t far and this morning he came over and offered a lift to Leadville, it was going backwards by half an hour by car and I really wanted to get to the next town further  north but I was smelly with a urgent need for a clean and a zero day.

Leadville Hostel resting for two nights

So at 10 this morning, I was dropped off at the Hostel and showered with all my smelly clothes in the washing machine.
So last I was able to use the WiFi, normally it would cost a dollar a day but as I’m a CDT hiker it was free along with the use of a bike.

Pasta with real fresh vegetables

Living room

Kitchen at the Hostel

Start 1215 mile