16th June Friday
21 miles

I shared  the camp site last night with an American, with a trail name of  “Nutrition” the name come from him hiking until he runs out of money.  He is also doing the same trail as me, he has been doing these long walks for 5 years now, he works for a bit then resigns and walks either north/south or east/West of America.  But this morning when I broke camp he was still in the tent so maybe I’ll see him later.

Nothing very eventful today, but I’m really hanging out for a day of rest which I hope will be Sunday which is in two days time. It’s been something like 10 days since I’ve rest and besides, I’m starting to smell a little off with unwashed clothes and in particular,  my socks which seem to be always damp.

I haven’t been able to check email of messages since 10 days ago as the last two points where I picked up my food box had no WiFi, I can guess a certain young lady in South Korea will be waiting for my call.

A friendly  chipmunk that watched while I had a ten minute break

Stopped walking at 7 pm, Camped next to a very noisy river so hopefully I’ll be ok with sleep tonight.

Start this morning at 1194 miles