15th June, Thursday
17 miles

What a great night sleep, yesterday, I was half way up the pass (Hope Pass) with about two more hours to go, but there was a perfect campsite calling for me to stop and rest. A stream nearby and just enough room for two tents with a camp fire.  But I didn’t use the camp fire as there was only me, so at 5:30 last night I stopped and  relaxed, its just what I needed.  Knowing that I’m picking up my food supply worth 5 days, I ate as much as i could, pasta meal for two, tortillas, with the last of my peanut butter and potato crisps with hot coffee to wash it all down.

There’s Twin Lakes where food is waiting for me

Now this morning I started the trail at 5:30 with the goal to reach Twin Lakes as early as possible for a hot breakfast. My food box was there waiting for me, but no dinner, or restaurant that serve hot food. But the Twin Lakes General Store had free coffee and a place to charge phones while relaxing in the sun.  Here i stayed for four hours packed ready to go but happy just to sit and relax.

Passing over Hope Pass on the way to Twin Lakes

Lunch at a food van in a nice setting with views of the mountain, burger, chips and a Coca-Cola. Talking with other CDT hikers and they gave me ideas of how to travel lighter, I have been thinking of travelling without a gas stove for a while and they told me that they have ditched their gas cooker for a lighter backpack.  Next big town I may post forward a few things to test this out, maybe just post it forward to a couple of weeks ahead at first.

Twin Lakes General Store 

Where I had lunch and relaxed