14th June Wednesday

Leaving my little campsite this morning, I had dry socks and frozen boots even though I kept them in the tent.  The stream I camped next to, there was no problem crossing without getting wet, however, further on and I mean just 5 minutes walking, there was a bigger stream, and there was no way I could cross it without getting wet and at 6 o’clock in the morning  with a full days hiking in front of me, I didn’t  want wet feet.  Upstream there was a log I could walk on to act as a bridge,  I got halfway and realised that the log itself was covered with morning ice.   Bugger! I thought, I retreated and with some frustration I just crossed the freezing  water getting both socks and boots wet.

Ann Lake Pass, the hardest pass to date

Another hard day in Colorado, I have two peaks to tackle.  Total goal is 24 miles and hence the early start.  Climbing the first (Lake Ann Pass) wasn’t so bad but getting down the snow covered face of the mountain was a challenge  and one I took very slowly.  The snow was hard and was difficult  to punch my heal into the snow to make a controlled descent.  At times I was nervous and I  had to stop a few times to rest, then carry on with a steady pace.  There is another high pass (Hope Pass) I have to do this afternoon, I just hope it’s less challenging.

I met a few people along the way between the two Passes, one was going to Lake Ann, which I had just passed, to do some fishing but I told him that it was all iced over and if he carried on the way I had come, he would be tracking through snow.  The other couple I meet were retired and they took great pride in maintaining the CDT trail. They belonged to the CDT organisation where they promote the trail and maintain  it.  With all the fallen trees  and trail damage with the winter, they do a very good job and i definitely see the benefits

Old silver month town Winfield

I passed through an old Silver mining town, Winfield, there’s about five buildings that must have been restored, old miners hut, school and an old residences.

Restored school building at Winfield 

I started up the final pass and half way up there was a tent site next to running water, it was 5:30 and I  felt I needed to rest early so I pulled over, pitched my tent and had tuna and Pasta for dinner